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My favorite travel gear for those hardcore backpackers :)

Every nomadic traveler has their own secrets to success, and for me a huge secret I learned was to invest in a kick-ass bag to save you time and headache in the long run!

In the past when i traveled i would either pack up one of those carry on luggage roller bags and have a backpack to carry on as well. Two bags, plenty of storage, but also it’s alot to carry around and you typically pack more than you’ll ever need for a vacation.

Then came along a friend of mine who introduced me to these Quiksilver backpacks for a weekend away. His bag was packed full with a half dozen shirts, a few shorts, and other garments. As I looked at his bag more I realized that there are endless amounts of compartments. I always have the typical bag with a side pouch and a front pouch but find myself quite limited on storage compartments, especially in today’s world where we have so much technology – Power cords, power bank, go-pro, passports, sunscreen, you name it!

I fell in love with the bag immediately and went out to find one for myself the next day. Ever since then I only take one bag with me on trips. As of writing this, I just finished an 8 day trip in Bangkok and I only packed this one backpack. I still had clothes leftover after my trip that were clean (And yes… I did wear a clean shirt and under garments every day… ha!)

While I don’t have any special discounts to provide you for Quiksilver bags, I know that they are available in every country and I highly suggest to make this investment if you’re a serious traveler.

And since i’m a bit of a nerd and neat freak, I picked up a few Quiksilver pouches to keep my cords and other things neat and tidy in my bag. It’s also nice if you’re on the go and want to bring your power bank and cords with you when you go out to have them all neatly stored in a little pouch.

Check ’em out!

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