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At My Nomadic Compass, we’re a group of like-minded travelers who decided to share the places and things they see with the world.

We all have normal jobs like each and every one of you, but we take note of everything we see along the way and document it here. While it’s fun to blaze your own path, alot of times it’s nice to know where you’re going… So read some of our travel stories and then go make stories of your own too!

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Here’s our team:


Founder/Publisher for My Nomadic Compass

My name is Travis and i’m an American living in Asia since 2012. It is a beautiful and majestic continent with so many hidden secrets! I started the My Nomadic Compass blog at first just to document my travels for myself so I could refer back to them in the future and to share with my friends.

After a few months of doing this, I got hooked and a few of my friends joined in too! Now we’re actively seeking out new and exciting places to explore and share with you!

For most of my life, I worked in a call center, but at present I write for my blog and I do freelance writing for a few other companies blog sites as well.

I have traveled in more than 22 counties all over Asia and Europe and not planning to stop anytime soon.


Travel Writer for My Nomadic Compass

I’m Ace, blogger, graphic artist, and interior designer. I’m currently working as a full time interior designer in a company based in Manila.

I usually travel alone. For me, a person should constantly strive to continuously learn and traveling is a great way to do that.

Traveling gives us new perspectives about life and ourselves. With an open eye, traveling will change the way we see things as we explore different places, people, food, art, and culture.

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