Best Budget Accommodations in Manila, Philippines

Mabuhay! So you’ve decided to hitch a flight to the  Philippines to explore their 7,000+ islands? Most of you will fly into Manila and spend a day or two which I definitely suggest so you can try the food, see the crazy metropolis life,  and learn a little about Filipino culture.

Manila is the capital and the center of business and trade in the Philippines so you’ll find it’s a quite overwhelming upon first arrival. Considering there is almost 13 million people in the metro alone, it’s no wonder you’ll feel that. From the airplane in, you’ll see the city never ends!

At first you wont know where to stay or what area is the right one for you to choose, but after living here for 8 years I can say there are specific locations that are much better than the rest.

Best Areas To Stay In Manila

Metro Manila consists of many different cities within itself which is why as you gaze across the horizon you’ll see pockets of tall skyscrapers here and there. Many of those different areas are really nice but there are two different cities which are  the best for tourists to stay in both in terms of safety and in beauty.

Makati City

Makati is considered the central business district of the Philippines and Manila and is where you’ll find the largest conglomerate of skyscrapers. During the weekdays you’ll find Makati is bustling full of people rushing from place to place and the traffic seems to stand still, but on the weekends it flips to a peaceful place to stroll the streets.

Makati has multiple areas which are really great to stay in including the following:

  • Greenbelt, Makati: The Greenbelt Mall is a series of malls that surround an inner landscaped garden/ponds where you’ll find many different hotels surrounding it as well as hundreds of shops and cafes to enjoy your time. While many of the hotels around this area are considered higher priced at least $50-100 USD a night minimum, you’ll find they are worth the cost!
  • Makati Ave/Burgos St, Makati: For those truly looking for a budget hotel, Burgos Street and Makati Ave. is definitely where you should go! While it is considered the “red light” district of Makati, it’s very foreigner friendly and a pretty exciting place to go if you’re looking for a night of partying. Here you can find hotels anywhere from $10-$30 USD easily!

While you’re in Makati, be sure to checkout Ayala Triangle which is considered the “Central Park” of Makati for a nice stroll through the park.

BGC – Bonifacio Global City

If you’re coming to Manila and looking to stay in the nicest area, BGC is definitely the place to be. This is considered to be the newest city within Metro Manila and was designed with wide streets and big sidewalks. You wont hear beeping cars, motor bikes, and loud buses here but instead you’ll find large parks, museums, outdoor shopping areas and nice restaurants on every corner.

Here in BGC you’ll find incredible architecture and design of all of the buildings along with giant murals sprawled across many of the buildings making it a worthwhile city to explore. You can find many great tours of the artwork/design of BGC here on Klook as well.

Expect the hotels of BGC to run anywhere from $50-100 minimum which isn’t considered budget, but you’ll definitely feel the most comfortable in these locations.

Cheap Hotels In Manila

Although in my guide about the best locations included BGC and Greenbelt Makati, those areas are not the ones that have the cheapest hotels. If you’re looking for more luxury classy hotels, check our guide on Manila Luxury Hotels here.

I highly suggest if you want to get a budget hotel, check around the Makati Ave/Burgos area. It’s a pretty wild area at night, but there are some incredibly great deals on hotels in the area.

On average you can find most hotels running around $20-30 USD and even lower if you stay in hotels. Below are my favorite hotels all around the Makati ave area. I typically use Agoda for all of my hotels but feel free to shop around.

Red Planet Makati

Overall one of my favorite budget hotels around the Philippines (and Asia) is the Red Planet hotel. I’ve always found the rooms to be very clean and the process for checking in and out very simple. They also typically run around $20 a night.

The rooms are typically a bit compact but they have walk in showers, flat screen television, blackout curtains, and a relaxing aura.

Average Price: $21 USD (PHP 1,100)
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Hotel Durban Makati

The Hotel Durban in Makati is centrally located at the heart of the Burgos area with a wonderful restaurant at the entrance. You’ll find this is a great budget boutique hotel with pearl white walls, wooden accents, and spacious walk-in showers.

This is a perfect hotel for those looking for something thats affordable but yet classy.

Average Price: $24 USD (PHP 1,300)
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Hop Inn Hotel Makati

One of Makati’s newest budget hotels, the Hop Inn Makati is a very simple but it’s the perfect little budget hotel with alot of rooms. Everything decorated in white walls with blue accents like you’re in a seaside hotel.

Choose from either two twins or one double bed for their budget rooms as well as in-room essential TV, safe, private bathroom, hair dryers, etc. Located right along Makati ave at the end of the strip (a bit quieter away from the bars).

Average Price: $23 USD (PHP 1,200)
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What to expect when arriving in Manila? 

Check out our full guide of what to expect when you’re arriving here in Manila including  airport information, transportation, currency, language, visas, and safety on our Metro Manila guide here.

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