Baguio Botanical Gardens, Philippines

Everyone flocks to Baguio to see the flower fields, strawberry farms, and the fresh fruits/veggies in the market. What most people dont know about is the wonderful botanical garden that Baguio has which is a beautiful secret garden ready to be explored.

The Baguio Botanical Garden has alot more to offer than just flowers. Below i’ll go through all the different information on how to get there, costs, and activities you’ll find inside the park.

How to Get To the Baguio Botanical Gardens

The first step is getting to Baguio City which is really easy if you’re coming from Manila. The bus company Victory Liner which is found in either Cubao or Pasay stations in Manila have buses leaving every hour around the clock going to Baguio.

The trip to Baguio takes around 5-6 hours and you can book tickets in advance at Victory Liner’s website here.

Once you’re in Baguio, you have two options to get to the Botanical Gardens:

  • Cab: Hail a cab from anywhere in the city and ask to go to the Botanical Gardens. They will know the location very well. The Taxi in Baguio is cheap and the easiest way to get around.
  • Jeepney: You can also choose to take a jeepney to get there if you want the cheapest option.  The jeep that says Pacdal will take you to the Baguio Botanical Gardens. The terminal for the Pacdal jeepney is on Lakandula Street just nearby Session rd.

You’ll notice the Botanical Gardens right away because of the big sign and the Ifugao ladies in red standing outside. Before you enter, be sure to get your photo taken with the Ifugao ladies and help support them by giving a donation to them after your photo sesh.

Baguio Ifugao Ladies

How Much Does it Cost

It’s FREE!

Not many things are free these days, which is why the botanical gardens in Baguio is a perfect option for an activity to go to during your visit.

While they do accept donations when you enter, it is not required – although you should toss a few peso in the bin just to be a good citizen 🙂

Activities at Baguio Botanical Gardens

There’s so many hidden paths all throughout the park so feel free to explore, even up the side of the mountain it’s on and you’ll find all sorts of hidden plants and sculptures all around. There are a few main attractions besides the flowers including the following:

Thailand Friendship Park

As a symbol of the two countries long-standing friendship, the Ambassador to Thailand donated giant concrete elephants that were placed in the botanical gardens. These are now on display for everyone to see and enjoy. They’re almost life-size at 12 ft high and is not just one but a whole family of elephants including little baby elephants 🙂

Show your support by tagging them #Thailand #Philippines #Friendship <3

Chinese Friendship Park

As a contribution from many members of the Filipino-Chinese community, the donation of 12 Chinese zodiac sign sculptures and other Chinese structures were added to the Baguio Botanical Gardens.

These were given as a sign of friendship to the two countries and aimed at boosting the tourism in the botanical gardens.

Japanese Tunnels of Baguio

During the time that the Philippines became an American territory, many of the troops fled to Baguio which made it the summer capital of the Philippines. But during the Japanese invasion in WWII, Baguio became a prime target for invasion and the Japanese built a series of tunnels under Baguio to safely and secretly store military supplies.

Today one of those such tunnels is located at the Botanical Gardens and ready for you to explore! It’s fully lit up so you wont get lost.

Kubo and Traditional Outfits

There is a beautiful Kubo available to see which is a traditional hand-built Filipino house. You can take photos and look inside as well.

If you want the real experience as well you can dress in the traditional bahag outfit which is a colorful (red/black/yellow) outfit that consists of different material wrapped around your body.  These are common to be found all across Baguio and the northern region.

If you’re looking for a full guide including what to eat, affordable and luxury hotels, jeepney routes, bus companies and tickets, and an activity guide, we have the full Baguio City Travel Guide here.

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