Where To Eat in Baguio City, Philippines

When you travel, the number one thing on most people’s minds is where they’re going to eat! It takes up practically half of our vacations… First thinking about where to go, then researching the places, then finding them and when you get there you’re not happy so you start all over again!

In Baguio, there are so many amazing foodie places, but none of them are on the main Session Rd, so you have to wander down the side streets to find them.

Below are all of my favorite must try foods and best restaurants in Baguio, Philippines

Whats Special in Baguio?

Baguio is a mountain city which means it’s much cooler in the mountains so alot of different food grows here including berries and root veggies. You’ll find alot of fresh fruits and vegetables for sale all over Baguio for very reasonable prices.

Strawberry Taho

The first thing you’ll hear when you get off the bus station at Victory liner (and all over Baguio City) is a man crying out the words “TAHOOOOOOOOHHH”.

These guys carry  on their shoulders two metal containers connected on a stick and inside each of them is different sections containing the following:

  • Soft Tofu
  • Tapioca Pearls
  • Brown Sugar Syrup

They mix the sweet syrup with the tofu/pearls and then you either sip out of the side of the cup or ask them for a straw. The difference in Baguio is they have strawberry syrup thats added so it’s red and SUPER SWEET.

The strawberry taho is an absolute must try and is only found in Baguio.

Good Shepard

While the Good Shepard isn’t necessarily a place to eat, it’s a place to get food unique to Baguio! Specifically, pasalubong (gifts) for friends and family when you go home.

The Good Shepard is a company that makes all sorts of jellies, jams, dried veggies, and candies. I wouldn’t call it a bakery, but rather they make goods from the local produce (strawberries, yams, etc).

The two best sellers is the Ube Jam and the Strawberry Jam since both are difficult to get in Manila at affordable prices. The Ube jam is made from purple yams and are boiled. It’s perfect to eat alone or to put on top of ice cream or in many different desserts.

The Good Shepard also sells many different forms of biscuits, jams, jellies, chocolate flakes, dehydrated banana slices, and more.

Head to the Good Shepard when you’re visiting Mines View Park as it’s just a short walk next to it.

Baguio City Night Market

One of the most exciting and unique experiences in Baguio City is the night market on Harrison Road.  Every night right on the dot at 9PM the night market opens and tourists and locals from all over the Philippines flock here.

You’ll find the market located right on Harrison Road itself and at either end of the market is a food section full of all sorts of delicious finger food from barbecue, to corn cobs, snacks and all sorts of great drinks too.

In the middle you’ll find rack after rack of clothes, shoes, hats, and all sorts of other hand-made goods. While much of the products around the Philippines are quite affordable, the items at the night market are insanely cheap. You’ll find t-shirts for just P20! You’ll also find many really high-quality hand-made things like wooden plates and bowls, magnets, dream catchers, and more.

Best Restaurants In Baguio

Baguio, being a creative city, also has many very unique restaurants as well. While there are a bunch of fancy restaurants all over the city, I’m going to focus in on the smaller ones with decently priced meals.

I love exploring new hidden restaurant gems, and these are the ones I keep going back to every day over and over….

Patch Cafe Baguio

You’re up early and ready to start the day, but where’s the best breakfast place??? Patch Cafe! The coffee is great and the breakfast is even better!

They serve both authentic Filipino style breakfast like tapa and tocino, but they also offer American style breakfast like french toast and pancakes with bacon.

The Coffee Library Baguio

If you’re looking for the Coffee Library, it’s not along the main Session Rd, but rather on a  dark side street behind the school. It may not be the most noticeable place, but the Coffee Library is my ultimate go-to place for dinner.

Here you’ll see college students all working on homework and while it looks like a coffee shop, they have table service and service full dinners including spaghetti-meatballs, pork chops, and ribs. I highly recommend this place for an affordable and tasty dinner!

Cafe by the Ruins

For those looking for a nice fancy dinner, Baguio’s famous Cafe by the Ruins is the perfect place. It now has a beautiful refurbished and restored interior and is perfect for a dinner for two on that romantic occasion.

Cafe by the Ruins prides itself on making their meals from the local ingredients available in the Baguio market each grown in the region. They have many local and international entrees available and have one of the largest selection of vegetarian options around.

Oh My Gulay

As you walk down Session Road you’ll find many buildings which may not seem to have very much inside, but at the top of one of those old buildings you’ll find a beautiful art gallery with a stage and cafe.

The cafe is built with balconies overlooking the city with really great views. Head here for a nice relaxing cup of coffee.

All over Baguio you’ll find some really great places to hangout and eat – just keep looking down all the different side streets. Don’t be afraid to try something new 🙂

If you’re looking for a full guide including what to eat, affordable and luxury hotels, jeepney routes, bus companies and tickets, and an activity guide, we have the full Baguio City Travel Guide here.

Baguio City Travel Guide

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