Tam Awan Village, Baguio City – Philippines

When visiting the Philippines, it’s important to learn and understand it’s art, culture and history. One great place to understand this is in the mountain city of Baguio.

The Tam-Awan village was created in 1998 and made to be an artists haven where they can create their art and showcase it. It was also made to recreate the traditional Cordillera village with Ifugao houses to remember the traditional village style architecture, lifestyle and art.

Here are a few reasons why you should visit the Tam-Awan village the next time you’re in Baguio, Philippines.

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Tam-Awan Village in Baguio

The village is set on the mountain side overlooking Baguio and is both beautiful and artistic with nature overgrowing everything you can see. Here are my favorite 6 reasons why you should visit the Tam-Awan village in Baguio. 

Do Some Art

Tam Awan Painting Baguio

For a small fee you can learn the basics of different art styles including pastel painting, water color painting, wood carving, bamboo crafts, dream catcher making, and portraits. 

This is a great place for you to get your hands dirty and learn some new skills!

View The Art Galleries 

 The Tam-Awan Village was created with the purpose of showcasing the Igorot lifestyle and art. All around the village are different buildings that are filled with many different kinds of artwork made by the locals. 

Inside the buildings you will have to remove your shoes to see them. Here you’ll find different artwork from pastels, to oil paintings, and many dream catchers – even one thats 7 ft tall. 

Tam Awan Village Painting Artwork

Have Your Portrait Drawn

For a small fee you can have your portrait drawn by one of the local artists of the Tam-Awan village for a truly personal memento to take home with you. 

Determine your pose, how many people, and with what medium you want it drawn in. Then give the artist an hour to work their magic and provide you with their masterpiece. 

Wear Traditional Clothing

Tam Awan Village Bahag Traditional Outfit Baguio

For a donation, they will teahc you how to wear the Igorot “bahag” which is the traditional form of clothing worn by the locals. These typically are red cloth that is very long that is wrapped specifically around your body to keep you covered. They come both for men and for women with skirts/tops. 

If you end up liking them you can also purchase these from the shop located at the Tam-Awan village. 

Hike Up The Mountain

The hill that the Tam-Awan village is on has an endless amount of paths that go up the side of the mountain. I didn’t even get to go all the way up because we were already getting tired, but there are many viewpoints that allow you to see clear across the city. 

The paths throughout the mountains are covered in beautiful plants and is the perfect combination of village/nature. 

Have Lunch Or Coffee

The Tam-Awan Cafe is also right in the middle of the village and they use many locally sourced food. You can enjoy native chicken, salads, vegetables, breakfast food, cheese stuffed peppers, and other favorite Filipino meals along with coffee or tea. 

Have An Event Here!

For a fee of 8,000 PHP ($160) you can have your wedding, business event, or birthday here at the Tam Awan village. Cater in food, invite your friends, and enjoy your event surrounded by art and nature. 

During your next trip to Baguio take some time to visit the Tam-Awan village to see a little art and learn more about the Igorot culture in the Philippines. 

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    1. Yeah! You totally should go there! It’s a big place and there’s a bunch of things to see and do. Expect to spend around 1-2 hours there with LOTS of photo spots! 🙂

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