Baguio Activity Guide – What to do, where to go, things to see!

Baguio is an absolutely wonderful city to visit and stay in on a trip to the Philippines. While upon first arrival t o the city it may just look like another town, but dig deeper and you’ll discover it wasn’t named a UNESCO Creative City for no reason.

Baguio is filled with art, artists, museums, cultural centers, unique restaurants, parks, and so much more.

Below i’ll go through all of my favorite things to do and places to see when you visit Baguio.

Burnham Park

When Baguio was first being built and the US military planned for it to be a place of retreat, one key development planned for the city was a large central park. The park has continued to exist and is everyone’s favorite outdoor activity including a lake with paddle boats, children’s playground, rose garden, go carts, bike riding, and plenty of street vendors offering to draw your photo and selling food.

It’s open everyday and is the perfect place to go for a stroll both day and night and is located just a block from the main Session Rd.

Camp John Hay

A former US Military retreat for soldiers is now an expansive historic landscape full of old military buildings, museums, libraries, and a large amphitheater surrounded by gardens.

You can take a taxi from anywhere in Baguio to Camp John Hay, just ask to be taken to the Bell House as it’s one of the more popular areas. Camp John Hay covers alot of ground and has alot to explore, but bring your hiking shoes when walking around here.

There are also endless zip lines, cable cars, and a tree-top adventure for the more daring ones 🙂

Mines View Park

Since Baguio is built on a mountain, you will find many amazing views of the countryside from atop the side of a mountain somewhere. The best in the city is at Mines View park which is a series of pathways that lead you to an overlook of a mining community.

At Mines View Park you’ll find all sorts of fun activities including real pink ponies that kids can take photos on, panoramic photos of the mountains, and for just a couple peso you can dress like the locals in a decorated “bahag” or loincloth, vest,  spear and headdress too!

Baguio Botanical Gardens

The Baguio Botanical Gardens are absolutely wonderful to see. There are hundreds of flowers and they have different themed gardens for each of their country partners including a Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, and Thailand Garden.

There is also a lighted cave system as a dedication to the Philippine miners that you can walk through.

You can purchase potted flowers from the gardens if you want to take them home with you to grow. There are also shops with hand-made gifts and wooden plates/bowls for purchase.

Tam-Awan Village

The Tam-Awan Village is one of Baguio’s historical attractions that was created in 1998. It’s considered an artist’s haven and is located just on the outskirts of Baguio city.

You can get to the Tam-Away Village by flagging down a taxi from anywhere in Baguio city. It’s easy to get there and return back via Taxi as they’re lined up outside.

Inside Tam-Awan you’ll find lots of trails leading to all sorts of buildings with paintings and other artwork. They also have guided tours, informational posters, a cafe, and events throughout the day.

You should go here if you want to see a bit of the Norther Philippines art and and learn about the Philippines history.

Colors of Stobosa La Trinidad

Just a 10 minute taxi outside of Baguio will take you to La Trinidad where you can find the famous colorful houses called the “Colors of Stobosa”.

Just ask the taxi driver to take you to the colorful houses in La Trinidad. When you arrive you’ll be on the road where you can take photos across the river or even cross the metal hanging bridge to go walk throughout the houses

Arriving here you’ll instantly feel happier about life in general because a world full of color turns a smile on everyone’s face!

Strawberry Picking

Baguio is known as the strawberry capital of the Philippines as strawberries love the cool climate. They grow year round and you can even pick them at the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, just a 10 minute taxi ride outside of the Baguio city center.

While the strawberries do grow all year, they are most plentiful from November until May.

Lion’s Head

Lions Head Baguio City

Upon entering Baguio, you’ll be greeted by a 40 ft tall stone lion statue that was constructed in the 1970’s by the Lion’s Club. The Lion is said to guard the needs of the community.

You wont want to stay here long, but it’s great for a quick photo on your way into the city.

BenCab Museum

BenCab Museum Baguio City Philippines

If you’re an artsy person, you’ll love the BenCab museum. It specializes in local art from around the Philippines specifically many of the works from the Filipino National Artist Ben Cabrera.

There are many other activities all around Baguio, so keep exploring and finding things to do by talking to the locals about whats new.

There is so many more spots to explore in Baguio, so whether you’ve been there already or going there for your first time – keep exploring and finding all the secrets that Baguio City holds!

Baguio Camp John Hay Amphitheater

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