Cheap Hotel Baguio City

I absolutely love to travel and in order to do it often, I typically look for amazing hotels at an affordable price. In Baguio, there are so many great options. 

Baguio has been a tourist hub for a long time now, since the Americans first decided to make it their summer getaway place. Now it’s a central hub to go to escape the heat and as a stopover to much of the northern Philippines. 

Here’s a few options that I have tried on my trips to Baguio that are both clean and affordable. Each have a private room with a bathroom, which is extremely important to me. They’re all located within the city center area and walking distance to the mall and most of the best restaurants. 

Cheap Hotel Baguio City

Price: PHP1,200 -1,700 Per Night (Between $14-24 USD)
Location: Bagong Bayan St, Baguio

Hotel 45 is very easy to notice because it’s just next to the major mall in Baguio called SM Baguio. It’s accessible to taxis all day, in a very safe area, and with the prime location it’s a bit surprising that it’s so affordable.

Here you cant expect the most fancy room, but it has a nice bed good for 2 people, includes breakfast, and is clean. Most of the TVs dont work and there’s no air conditioning, but in Baguio it’s cold already so there’s no need 🙂

Check pricing here for Hotel 45 in Baguio.

La Brea Inn Baguio

Price: PHP 1,200-1,300 Per night (Between $24-26USD)
Location: Ayk Building along Lower Session Rd, Baguio

While La Brea Inn may not look very nice from the outside, the rooms aren’t bad for the cheap price. They have rooms for 2 only and it’s right along session road near Burnham park. It’s probably the best location for a hotel that you’re going to find, but dont expect a ritzy place 🙂

Check pricing here for La Brea Inn in Baguio.

Paladin Hotel Baguio

Price: PHP1,650 per Night (Around  $33 USD)
Location: Carino St, Baguio

The cozy Paladin Hotel is next to Burnham Park and has rooms good for 2 people at an affordable rate. The building is nice and safe, but it is on the far side of the park – so you’ll enjoy a nice stroll through the park on your walk into the city area.

Check pricing here for Paladin Hotel in Baguio.

Transient Houses Baguio City

Lyn’s Baguio Transient House

Lyn’s Baguio Transient Home is just 10 minutes away from Burnham Park and Session Rd and is very affordable. It’s a simple apartment with a small kitchenette with free wifi and parking. 

Between P350-600 Per head per night
Call to book: +63-922-831-3352

If you’re looking for a full guide including what to eat, affordable and luxury hotels, jeepney routes, bus companies and tickets, and an activity guide, we have the full Baguio City Travel Guide here

Baguio City Travel Guide

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