Manila to Baguio – Bus Routes, Directions, and Jeepney Routes

If you’re looking to go to Baguio, Philippines, one of the most creative places in the country – you’re in luck! Baguio is one of the most easily accessible places to get to from Manila. You can book ahead online, call ahead, or just show up and wait for the next bus trip.

I recently went to Baguio for my birthday because although I had gone so many times before, I never saw the colorful buildings in La Trinidad called “Colors of Stobosa”. It was definitely worth the trip!

For those who haven’t gone to Baguio, you definitely have to go soon. You’ll fall in love with the chill weather, the outdoor shopping, and the street performers.

How to Travel to Baguio

If you’ve never been to Baguio, but you’re looking to go – here’s all the major routes for going there.

Manila Baguio Bus Schedule and Stations

The most common way of traveling to Baguio is via the many different bus routes from Manila. The most widely used transport to Baguio is via Victory Liner which is located in both the Cubao and Pasay terminals. You can get to either of these terminals from anywhere within Manila easily by taking Grab Car.

Victory Liner Bus

The great thing about the Cubao station is that there are bus trips leaving every hour so no need to reserve tickets ahead of time unless you’re going on a Friday/Saturday

Manila Baguio Fare: P445 per Person (Just under $10 USD) for a normal bus.

Joy Bus Baguio Manila

If you want to avoid sitting in uncomfortable seats and a bus trip that stops many times, you can always opt to take the “joy bus” instead. These are also through Victory Liner, but they’re different from normal buses in the following ways:

  • Large Far-Reclining Seats
  • Free Bottles Water
  • Free Blankets
  • No Stops
  • Toilet On-board

Manila Baguio Joy Bus Fare:  P720 (About $15 USD) per person.

Manila to Baguio by Car

If you’ve got a car, then you can definitely cut down the travel time quite a bit since you wont have multiple stops, and if you do, you can make them quick-stops.

Luckily the trip to Baguio is much easier now since they’ve built the highway. Just drive northbound on NLEX (North Luzon Expressway) and take exit 85 to go to SCTEX until you get to Baguio.

Best to use a map:

Manila Baguio Travel Time

Travel time anywhere in the Philippines can be tricky as traffic flows are not consistent.

If you’re going during a Friday or Sunday, expect to spend about 6-8 hours traveling there. If you can do an overnight bus, thats the best situation because the travel time is typically shorter between 5-6 hours and by the time you arrive you’re already well-rested.

Most of the buses stop 2 times on the way (except joy bus) so you can stretch your legs during the long travel.

How to Get Around in Baguio

One of the best things about Baguio is that although it’s small, there are always taxi drivers available everywhere.

Taxis in most cities are cars, but since Baguio is built at the top of a mountain most of the roads go straight up and straight down so all of the taxis in Baguio are SUV/Van type vehicles.

Baguio Taxi

Its quite inexpensive to get around in a taxi, and you’ll save alot of time. The Taxi can get you to almost all of the tourist destinations including the Valley of Colors, Tam Awan Village, Strawberry fields, Camp JohnHay, and more.

Baguio Jeepney Routes

If you are on a budget, most of the places you want to go within Baguio you can get there via Jeepney as well.

Baguio Jeepney Colorful Jeep

The Jeepney is one of the most local and fun forms of transportation in the Philippines. You just flag one down thats going by and jump in. The jeepney is a point to point vehicle so it starts at one end and stops at the other and turns around.

Baguio Jeepney Routes and Destinations:

  • Mines View Park, Baguio Mansion, Wright Park and Good Shepard: You’ll see a jeep that goes right by Session Rd that says “Mines View” and this one is convenient and takes you to all 4 of these locations so finding this one is golden!
  • Baguio Botanical Gardens: The jeep that says Pacdal will take you to the Baguio Botanical Gardens which is really wonderful as they have Ifugao ladies standing out front to take photos with and the gardens are vast and beautiful. The terminal for the Pacdal jeepney is on Lakandula Street just nearby Session rd.
  • Camp John Hay: If you want to get to Camp John Hay, you can take the jeepneys going to Scout Barrio or Loakan or Kias-PMA, all 3 of these you can get on at their terminal at the east side of Burnham Park.
  • Philippines Military Academy: The PMA is a premier military school in the Philippines and is located quite a ways from the city, but the Kias-PMA jeep will take you there. The terminal for Kias-PMA jeep is just on the east side of Burnham park.
  • BenCab Museum: The BenCab museum features many local and national artists in the art gallery as well as different shows and exhibitions. To get here, take the jeepney with “Asin Rd” signage which can be found at Kayang st just nearby the public market.
  • Tam Awan Village: The unique village showcasing indigenous art and history is really a wonderful experience. To get here, take either the Long Long-Tam-awan or Quezon Hill-Tam-awan jeeps both with terminals at Kayang St near the public market.

The far for the jeepney will depend on your destination but it ranges anywhere from 8-15PHP. A taxi will definitely cost around 10x as much as a Jeep so this is a great alternative for those on a budget.

Baguio Travel Guide

If you’re headed to Baguio for the first time or a return visitor, there is so much to explore in this city. Don’t do the same things you’ve always done, but instead find something new. Checkout my full travel guide here.



  1. Wonderful post. My father lived around there before WWII and tried as he might never convinced my mother to move there. I always wanted to go and see the place but never had a chance. Next time I go home, I definitely will go and see it.

    1. Yeah! I am working on an overview of the activities in Baguio. You’ll absolutely love it here. It was listed by UNESCO as a “Creative City”. I’ve been here many times and each time I find something new and exciting!

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