How To Get To Cagbalete, Philippines

The beautiful island of Cagbalete in the Philippines is just a short trip from Manila, but it’s not a direct path to go there if you’re taking public transportation. So during our last trip there I documented all of the routes, buses, and fares so you’ll have an easier time if you go there in the future.

Have fun enjoying the beautiful beaches and marine life in Cagbalete Island!

How To Get To Cagbalete Island

There isn’t a direct path to get to Cagbalete via public transportation so if you have a large enough group, I would highly suggest getting a private van going to Mauban or a car. If you’re going there as a DIY trip like we did, then I also have the public transit route too!

By Car/Van

If you’ll be driving there or taking a van grouped up with all your friends, it’s about a 3.5 hour drive from Manila (depending on traffic of course!). There’s lots of places to stop on the way including a couple of waterfalls – so checkout some of the attractions if you want to make your day fun-filled.

Here are the directions for going there from Manila:

By Bus – Public Transit

From Manila to Lucena

First you’ll need to take a bus from Manila to Lucena which you can take from either the Cubao, Alabang, or Buendia terminals for the bus liners of: Jac Liner, Jam Transit, or Lucena Liner. There are usually buses leaving every hour and the trip costs around P210 ($4USD). Your trip will take around 3 hours from Manila and you’ll want to get down in the Lucena Grand Terminal

From Lucena to Mauban

When you’ve arrived in Lucena, you’ll want to look for a bus or van (you can take any of the bus liners) that are going to Mauban. The fare should only cost around P70 ($1.50 USD) and takes around 2 hours to get there.

From Mauban to Cagbalete

When you get down in Mauban you’ll have to take a short walk to find the passenger boats to Cagbalete island. Trips only run from 10AM to 4PM daily and only costs P100 each person. They will drop you off at Sabang port which is the small town located on the island.

From here you’ll have to locate your resort. Many resorts are not located in the small town, so you can either walk to them or if it’s too far you can hire a small boat to take you from the port to your resort directly for around P400 ($8USD) (but it’s not that large of an island… hike through the jungle!).

Cagbalete Island Travel Guide

Checkout my full travel guide to Cagbalete including the best hotels and activities here.

Cagbalete Island Philippines

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