Where to Stay in Coron, Philippines – Budget Hotel Guide

This little harbor town is packed full of street busy with life and action, and down every little small side street hides one great hotel after another. There are hotels that range from affordable budget hotels all the way up to luxury island resorts.

Some of the best hotels as well can be found just outside of the city as well, so it’s good to know a bit about the city before you pick a hotel.

I’ll give you a few of the inner city budget hotels first, and then we’ll talk about some of the fancy-pants places as well which are all around Coron in hidden corners/islands.

Budget Accommodations in Coron City, Philippines

I highly suggest to stay inside Coron City as you’ll have easy walking access to different restaurants, shops, stores, and travel agencies for booking your water tours.

These are all of my favorite budget accommodations within Coron City for between P1,000-P2,000 ($20-40 USD) per night.

One Averee Bay Hotel Coron Philippines
One Averee Bay Hotel

One Averee Bay Hotel: This was my favorite place to stay because it’s very clean, has great breakfast and it’s right next to the port so you can walk over and jump on your boat every day. Approximately P2000 per night.
Click here for pricing.

Divine Castle Travelers Inn: Located just at the entrance of Coron City on the way out, it’s close enough to all the great restaurants but still in a quiet area of the city.
Approximately P1400 per night. Click here for pricing.

Zuric Pension House: This is a prime location in the heart of the city surrounded by restaurants and travel agencies. It’s also very affordable at just P1300 per night.
Click here for pricing.

Luxury Resorts in Coron City, Philippines

For those of you looking for a romantic getaway, there are many really high-end places to stay in Coron. These are all outside of the city and most are on islands of their own.

Here are some of the best luxury resorts in Coron.

Huma Island Resort and Spa

Huma Island Resort and Spa
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One of the most famous resorts in the world is the Huma Island Resort and Spa which features 81 villas and suites, 6 dining options, and a spa located on top of the water. This is the ultimate getaway from the concrete jungles we live in.

Average price per night: P19,000 ($350 USD)
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El Rio Y Mar Resort

El Rio Y Mar Resort Coron Philippines
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This private island resort features 31 different accommodations around the island. It also has a fitness center, infinity pool, restaurants, bar, wifi, and so much more.

This is an ultimate getaway place if you want to chill for the weekend. And it has both affordable and luxury options if you’re traveling with groups of people.

Average cost per night between P5,000-15,000 ($100-300 USD) per night.
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Coron Soleil Garden Resort

Coron Soleil Garden Resort Coron Philippines
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This luxury resort is located on the mainland, but about 5 minutes outside of Coron City. It isn’t the island type luxury resort, but rather the clean concrete and white linen type. The rooms surround a beautiful pool with fountains.

They also have a nearby sister resort called the Coron Soleil Express resort which offers more affordable accommodations┬á but still gives you access to the main branch’s amenities.

Average cost per night between P5,000-9,000 ($100-180 USD) per night.
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Coron Travel Guide

You can check my full travel guide including how to get to Coron, where to stay, must try food/restaurants, and activity guide by reading my Full Coron Travel Guide.

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