How To Get To Coron, Philippines

Whether you’re a local or flying into the Philippines internationally, there are so many different routes that can take you to Coron so here’s a few different guides on how you can get there by boat or by plane.

Get ready to see the beautiful marine fish and corals!

How to Get to Coron, Philippines

Coron is located along the wonderful chain of islands in the Philippines called Palawan. Palawan consists of 3 major tourists areas including Puerto Princessa, El Nido, and Coron. Some tourists like to venture from one to the next, so i’ll provide you a few different options in case you’re hitting all 3.

Direct Flight to Coron 

International flights dont go to Coron, so typically you have to fly into the Philippines and then jump over to Coron. You can fly to Coron from 3 major Philippine Airports including the following:

  • Manila -> Coron
  • Cebu -> Coron
  • Clark -> Coron

When flying into the Philippines internationally, I highly suggest picking Manila as your entry as it’s the largest city in the country and it has some really awesome places to explore. You can read my guide on everything you need to know before coming to Manila.

  • Coron’s Airport Name is: Coron (Busuanga) – Airport Code USU
  • Airlines: Skyjet, Cebu Pacific, and Philippine Airlines

Each flight should be direct and only takes around 30 minutes to arrive.

Coron From Above Philippines
Flying into Coron gives you an amazing view of the untouched landscape of Coron

How to Get from Coron Airport to Coron City

When you fly into Coron which is on Busuanga Island, the airport is not actually in Coron city so you’ll need to take transportation into town. As soon as you walk outside of the airport you’ll be barraged with people asking you where you’re going.

Make sure to pick one of the guys who are in uniform and inform them of your hotel name. That will decide which van they place you in.  The travel time from the airport to Coron city is just 30 minutes.

Fare per head: P150 ($3 USD)

Traveling By Boat to Coron

You can also opt to take a boat to Coron if you are already in Palawan. There are 2 different routes to Coron via boat

  • Puerto Princessa -> Coron: The company 2Go Travel offers ferries for passengers from Puerto Princessa to Coron leaving every Wednesday and Saturday at midnight and arrives the next day by 3pm. This is a very long trip, but it’s a fun way to spend the day traveling across the ocean. Cost aprox P1,500 ($30 USD)
  • El Nido -> Coron: Montenegro Fastcraft is offering fast ocean transportation from El Nido to Coron which takes only 4 hours to arrive leaving daily at 6am from El Nido. Cost approx P,1700 ($34 USD),

Coron Travel Guide

You can check my full travel guide including where to stay, must try food/restaurants, and activity guide by reading my Full Coron Travel Guide.

Coron Travel Guide Philippines

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