Coron Activity Guide – Island Hopping, Coral Reefs, Safari, Snorkeling, and Diving

While the Philippines has some beautiful islands all over, some of my absolute favorites are in Palawan. After many years of being here in the Philippines, I finally got the chance to go to Coron and I am ready to go back again!

Coron has a wealth of beautiful islands to discover but the true beauty is underwater where the marine life is full of color and activity. I was also very surprised to know that the Philippines has it’s own safari including giraffes and zebras!

If you’re headed to Coron, here’s an overview of all the great activities they have to keep you busy.

How To Book Tours in Coron?

While you can always just go there and walk around finding different tour operators, you’re never fully sure what you’ll get.

My suggested tour boat operator is Expeditions Eco-tours which you can call at+63 917 552 6766 or their website here:

All of the tours we booked through Expeditions were great – especially the food! Most tours come with free lunch and snacks throughout the day. Make sure to ask when you book if it does or not so you know to get food ahead.

If you want to book everything online, the best place too book is via Klook. Although typically they run about 200 Peso higher ($4 USD), it’s worth it to have everything ready so you can just enjoy your vacation.

I’ll link to each of the Klook tours below.

Coron Island Hopping Activities

By far the most exciting activities in Coron are on (and under) the water! There are hundreds of different islands to explore. You can choose from different packages that go island hopping, or those that focus more on snorkeling. They  even have tours that focus on shipwrecks if you want to do more snorkeling, free diving, or scuba diving.

The tours are lettered tours A, B, C, D and “Ultimate.” If you only have 1 day I suggest doing the Ultimate Island tour. If you have multiple days then the best tours are tour A and C.

Coron Ultimate Island Tour


This tour includes the famous Kayangan Lake, Big Lagoon, Siete Picados Marine Park, Malwawey Reef and Coral Garden, and of course a few different beach areas. At each location you have a choice to either spend your time on the beach or in the water.

You’ll spend your lunch time on a remote island with a couple other tour boats. The lunches on the tours was my favorite part of the day. They have grilled fish, shrimp, chicken or pork, rice, salad, fresh fruit, and later for a snack they have banana friend in sugar.

Coron Island Hopping Food

Coron Tour C

Tour C package is also really popular because it explores all of the beaches around Coron. You’ll spend the day bouncing from one beautiful beach to the next including Malcapuya Island, Banana Island, Bulog Dos Island, and others.

As you tour around you’ll notice many private resorts also have their own island which you can ask your guide about each (or if you have the means, book at those private islands!).

While on this tour, you’ll have the ability to do plenty of snorkeling too!

Coron City Tour

Usually on the first day of your trip to Coron you wont arrive early enough to go on a water tour, so I suggest to do the Coron City tour.

Included: Quick tour of the small town, stop at the public market so you know where to buy anything you forgot, stop at the St. Augustine Church, hike up 700 steps to the top of Mt Tapyas which overlooks Coron City, and end it with relaxing in one of the few saltwater hot springs in the world!

Busuanga Calauit Safari

To finish, the most surprising and exciting part of a trip to Coron is the Busuanga Calauit Safari trip. I heard about this place, but I never imagined it would be so wonderful.

The Calauit Safari was first started by the former President Marcos in 1976 as a conservation effort. The animals were brought from Kenya and amazingly enough, although brought in from a completely different area of the world, many of them flourished. While not all of the antelope breeds survived, the zebras and giraffes did.

When we were last there in 2017, there were 23 giraffes and 38 zebras, and over 100 Calamian deer which are endemic to Palawan.

All of the animals live on a private island and there are no cages. They are free to roam the entire island. That is also why sometimes you may have to walk around the large island to find some of the animals.

To get there you can book through a travel agency a tour, or you can rent bikes from the city center and travel 2 hours north. You will then cross from the port over to

Once at the port, you take a boat over to Calauit Island and begin your journey.

Coron Travel Guide

You can check my full travel guide including how to get to Coron, where to stay, must try food/restaurants, and activity guide by reading my Full Coron Travel Guide.

Coron Travel Guide Philippines

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