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If you want to just chill on the beach, have some drinks, or take a dip in the ocean you can, but Puerto Galera has an ever growing list of activities for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

Here are some of my favorite activities in Puerto Galera.

Activities on White Beach

One of the first things you’ll see when you arrive on the beach of Puerto Galera are the water activities. You cant miss it because they put all of the floating banana boats, jet skis, and lots of other floating objects right in the middle of the white beach area.

White Beach Water Activities Puerto Galera

The activity area is at the middle of the White Beach and they have many activities including the some of the following:

  • Banana Boat – The only goal is for them to knock you off it.
  • Fly-board – (Iron Man Water Activity)
  • Parasailing – Parachute up in the air on the back of a boat
  • Hurricane – Large spinning inflatable tube – Extreme sport!
  • Jet Ski and Sailing
  • Scuba Diving – Many resorts have different groups that teach and take you out to explore the coral reef
  • Wind Surfing – This is all dependent on the wind of course

Each of these activities comes at a different cost, but they are quite affordable and are great for groups! If you are interested you can just walk over to the area and there will be guys standing around to help you understand the costs and get setup.

Island Hopping Activities

One of the most exciting activities in Puerto Galera has to be the island hopping which requires a short van ride to an area with boats docked. Then you and your friends head out to an open water area where you strap on your snorkeling gear, jump in the water, and the boat drags you around to see the colorful coral reef and fish.

Remember to bring some bread with you so you can feed it to the fish and watch them swarm you. Here are some of the underwater photos we got.

You’ll also make a few extra stops at an underground cave that you swim through and a beach area with some amazing rock formations.

Land Tour Activities

While Puerto Galera is mostly well known for it’s beach and water activities, there is so much to see inland too! You can either rent a van or tricycle to take you on the land tour which takes about 3-4 hours total including the travel time each way.

This includes the following activities:

  • Tamaraw Falls which is next to the Welcome To Puerto Galera Sign
  • Virgin Beach: Located about 15 minutes from White Beach and it has an Inflatable Water Park.
  • Carabao Cart: While you’re doing your land tour there is the option to keep going further in land and go to Tukuran Falls which is accomplished by being pulled for 30 minutes in a cart by a Carabao. I never expected that a Carabao could be trained to pull a cart like this, and it was definitely a worthwhile experience to go here.
  • Tukuran Falls: When you arrive at Tukuran Falls your guide will help you navigate the climb over the rocks around the area until you see multiple cascading small waterfalls on your journey. It’s a perfect place for photos. You’ll end the tour with a walk over the Hanging Bridge.

Cost of Transportation: Van for 4-6 people for P2500($50USD) or tricycle for 2-3 people for P1500($35USD). Additional P300($7USD) each for the Inflatable Water Park.

Costs Carbao Cart: P400($10USD) plus a P50 environmental fee and a tip to the tour guide that joins you. You may need to add extra to your van/tricycle driver as well which you can negotiate with them.

Puerto Galera Travel Guide

If you want more information on Puerto Galera read my full guide here.

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