Best Food Spots and Nightlife in Puerto Galera, Philippines

Puerto Galera is an active party beach filled with an assortment of local and international owners. Whether you want Filipino food, Italian food, or breakfast food at 9PM at night – they’ve got it!

Here’s just a few of my favorite places to eat and to party in Puerto Galera.

Best Food Spots in Puerto Galera

While there are alot of food spots in Puerto Galera, as you walk down the beach front where all the restaurants are you may notice a trend… Many of them are owned by the same chain. The great news is that those of the same chain don’t have the same food!

Food Trip

This is one of the most commonly seen signs on the island and probably one of the places we ate the most as it was both affordable and good. There are 3 Food Trip Restaurants on the beachfront which i’ll describe each below:

  • The first one offers many rice meals and sandwiches.
  • The second one is open 24 hours a day and offers all day breakfast and rice meals.Food Trip All Day Breakfast Puerto Galera
  • The third one has flame grilled meats like chicken, pork, fish, and seafood and also offers the traditional Filipino “boodl fight” which is served on a banana leaf with a heap of rice and different types of grilled meat/seafood. Everyone sits around it and “fight” for food (typically you eat just using your hands – see below)

I suggest you try out all 3 Food Trip locations as each of them have great food and fast service.

Pizza and Pasta

Pizza Puerto Galera

Surprisingly there are alot of pizza and pasta places on the island and they are actually really good! The reason it’s so good is because they used real cheddar cheese on the pizza. It was also quite affordable and large. Perfect thing to go with a few drinks in the evening.

Where to get a fancy meal?

If you want a more fancy dinner with good food and wine, then you’ll want to head down to the farthest end of the beach where you see all the big rocks (thats on the western side of the beach) and go to a place called CasaMia Pizzeria Italiana.

Their restaurant is one of the few that are air conditioned indoors and has really great food and wine choices for a romantic dinner.

The Crazy Night Life in Puerto Galera is the Best!

If you’re not sold on going to Puerto Galera after everything above, then I think the night life might be what you’re looking for. There aren’t many truly “party beach” type places in the Philippines except for Boracay, but in Puerto Galera the night life is intense!

Here’s some of the best things to look forward to during the night:

Drag Shows

Galera is very well known for it’s drag shows where many “girls” will take to the front of their respective workplace restaurant/bar and put on a show. These shows include dancing, impersonations, or comedy and are definitely worth watching while you enjoy a few drinks and chill.

Fire Dancers

When the sun goes down, the fire dancers will come out and they will dance for up to 2-3 hours. You’ll know the fire dancers are out because when you look up and down the beach you’ll see at least 20+ fire dancers at different establishments. I also am a fire dancer so I joined right in!

Mindoro Sling

When you go to Puerto Galera, you have to order the Mindoro Sling! It’s the most popular drink and comes in either a pitcher or a tall tower with a dispenser on the bottom. It’s a combination of Rum, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Mango Juice, Lime Juice, Grenadine Syrup and Sprite, and you’ll never think you’re drunk until it’s too late!

Mindoro Sling Puerto Galera

Barracuda Bar

This is by far my favorite place to hangout for two reasons. First reason is that the staff at Barracuda is really funny and make sure it’s an enjoyable time. From their jokes, to them jumping on top of our table dancing, to everything. The second reason is because the fire dancers here are extremely talented and they perform for almost 3 hours making it really entertaining.

Barracuda Bar Puerto Galera

Cafe De Paris

Whether you want a drag show or to see fire dancers, this is a fun place. The staff isn’t as fun as Barracuda but the show is really funny. They also sometimes combine drag and fire dancing together on the beach area. Definitely a go-to place if you want to see their drag show.

Hope you enjoy Puerto Galera as much as I do. If you haven’t gone in the past few years, then I highly suggest you head back very soon and give it another try! You wont be disappointed 🙂

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