How to get to Puerto Galera, Philippines: Bus Routes and Boat Schedules

Puerto Galera of of the Philippines famous tourist destinations with it’s white sand beach, beautiful island hopping tours, and it’s famous night-life. It’s only a 3 hour trip away from Manila with a combination of bus and boat trips, but you’ll need to know a few details about which bus and which boat to take so you get there quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how I suggest going to Puerto Galera below.

Traveling to Puerto Galera from Manila

Most of you will be coming from Manila so i’ll address that route as the primary means of transportation.

First Take the Bus to Batangas Port

Jam Liner is the best bus line that travels from Manila down to Batangas Port and costs only P170 (Around $3 USD). They have 2 stations in Manila located here:

  • Pasay Terminal: Located along Buendia Ave near Taft Ave.
  • Cubao Terminal: Located along Edsa near Cubao area just nearby the GMA tower.

While there are buses leaving throughout the entire day, I suggest leaving in the morning around 4 or 5AM from Manila so you can be sure to catch an early boat and avoid the crowds. The bus only takes 2 hours from Manila to the Batangas port.

Then Take a Boat to Puerto Galera

Once you arrive in Batangas Port you’ll just follow the signs which say to Puerto Galera to get a boat. There will be many people trying to get your attention to escort you to get tickets and what not, but there is no need to take those as they will just charge you more.

Minolo Shipping Lines is my preferred boat to take. It’s affordable and leaves every hour or so. It’s also a large enough boat that i’m not worried about it getting turned over by large waves.

Minolo Shipping Lines
Here is a photo of the booth for Minolo so you can easily spot it

The boat costs P300($6 USD) one way, or if you book it round trip it’s cheaper at P550 (About $11 USD). The boat trip takes around 1 hour to cross the ocean to the island.

Make sure you get the boat going directly to White Beach Puerto Galera as some of the boats make multiple stops prior to White Beach which will waste too much of your time.

You will need to also pay a Terminal Fee(P30) and an Environmental Fee(P50) prior to leaving.

Batangas Port Boats
Here are one of the boats you’ll take

The boat will land directly on the White Beach area of Puerto Galera so there are no other transportation costs.

Total cost round trip for Transportation: P800 (Around $16 USD).

Returning to Manila is the same in that you’ll take the boat from the beach back to the Batangas Port. I suggest that you purchase your tickets in advance at the booths near the drop off area on the beach.

Once you get back to the port, you will go to the same area the buses dropped you off and there will be plenty of them waiting to take you back to manila.

Puerto Galera Travel Guide

If you want more information on Puerto Galera read my full guide here.

Puerto Galera Philippines


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