Must Try Food in Vigan, Philippines

Every city you visit has their own specialties and Vigan, Philippines, is no different. Overall I love the food in Vigan. Their portions are good, the price isn’t too high, and the taste is exceptional no matter where you go. Maybe it stems from the fact that this is one of the oldest cities in the Philippines, so they know what they’re doing!

Must try food in Vigan

Here are my personal favorite must try food in Vigan, Philippines.


Vigan Bagnet Deep Fried Crispy Pork Belly

While I’m not a big fan of fried food, my Filipino friends absolutely love bagnet. This is a deep fried crispy pork belly and is very similar to a Filipino dish lechon kawali. I do suggest that you order something

Street Vendor Ice Cream

No matter where I go, I always try the ice cream! In Vigan, the ice cream is really tasty, but you better eat it fast cuz this city gets really hot during the daytime. By the time i was able to take my photo, it was already dripping down my hand! 🙂

You can get it in avocado, mango, chocolate, ube, and more flavors. Just approach any of the street vendors to try some.

4-Cheese Pizza

Vigan Cafe Leona Pizza

While you can find pizza everywhere in the world, there are certain places that just get it right and Cafe Leona’s 4-cheese pizza is definitely to die for!


Vigan Empanada

No matter what time of day it is, if you’re passing by Irene’s place on Calle Crisologo you better pick up the most tasty empanada you’ll ever try. It’s stuffed with egg, longganisa, and papaya and is delicious!

Fresh Sugar Cane Juice

Vigan Fresh Sugar Cane Juice

As you walk down Calle Crisologo, you’ll see a fresh sugar cane juice vendor and it’s the most refreshing treat as the sun shines down on the cobblestone street.

Best Restaurants in Vigan

There are so many different places to eat in Vigan, but there are a few places which i consider “must go” when you’re visiting.

Cafe Leona

I already  mentioned Cafe Leona’s delicious 4-cheese pizza, but they also have many other great meal choices including Filipino, Italian, Japanese, and much more.

This place is big, but it’s always packed. Located right on the Calle Crisologo, it’s a bit of a landmark restaurant.

Hidden Garden

This is a bit outside of the city, but it’s a great place to explore. They have endless trails through a well tended garden thats great for taking pictures.

Once your exploration is complete, you can sit down for lunch or dinner at their restaurant which primarily serves traditional Filipino food including the Vigan-famous Bagnet.

Budget-Friendly Vigan Food

There are also some budget friendly places if you need some more low-cost menu options. My favorite place was a small food court just along the Calle Crisologo called Rainbow Paradise Foodcourt. You can get full rice meals here and also snack options like shawarma and shomai available too for meals on the go.
Rainbow Paradise Foodcourt Vigan

If you’re not looking to try something new, you can always go near the Vigan Cathedral which is surrounded by McDonalds, Jollibee, and other fast food restaurants (Yes, the cathedral is surrounded by fast food joints!).

Vigan Travel Guide

If you want more information on Vigan read my full guide here.

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