How to Get To Vigan, Philippines: Bus Routes, Flights and Driving Directions

If you love cobblestone streets and Spanish style buildings, then Vigan is the perfect place to go. Vigan is located in the northwestern Philippines in the Illocos region just near the ocean.

How to get to Vigan?

There are a few different ways to get to Vigan, so I’ve gathered the different ways below for you to choose from.

Vigan Bus Routes

There are plenty of Bus routes going to Vigan that you can take from Manila.

Below are the most common bus companies that have routes going to Vigan. To get to Vigan you’ll want to take the bus route going to Laoag and get off in Vigan.

  • Partas from Cubao(Manila)
  • Dominion Bus from Cubao(Manila)
  • Viron Transit from Cubao or Sampaloc (Manila)
  • Florida Bus from Cubao or Sampaloc (Manila)

Most companies offer both regular buses and the 1st class buses with the large seats that recline far back. The cost of the bus fare depends on which one you choose but costs between 600-800PHP (Around 12-16 USD)

If you want to book your trip in advance, you can book using 12Go here:

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The trip from Manila takes around 8-9 hours to get there so typically it’s best to take a trip later in the day so you can sleep all night and arrive there rested. The bus will have one stop over on the way so be sure to watch your liquid intake! 🙂

Flights from Manila to Vigan

The travel time to the Illocos region where Vigan is located takes quite a while. In good traffic it can take 7-8 hours but in bad traffic it can take 9-10 hours and many people would rather fly somewhere quicker.

The flights going to Illocos are limited and expensive so this route should only be taken if you have some extra cash flow available.

  • Vigan Airport Flights: The only way to fly directly to Vigan is via a private chartered flight.
  • Laoag Airport Flights: There are flights available daily through Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.

Driving to Vigan

If you have your own car, Vigan can be driven to but it’s a long drive and will take you around 8 hours to get there. There are tolls along the way and plenty of places to stop and rest at.

  • Continue to A. Bonifacio Ave/R-8
  • Follow R-8, N Luzon W Expy and MacArthur Hwy/Manila N Rd to Quirino Boulevard in Bantay
  • Continue on Quirino Boulevard. Drive to Liberation Blvd in Vigan City

You can click the map below to get the google maps directions:

Vigan Travel Guide

If you want more information on Vigan read my full guide here.

Vigan Philippines


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