How to Get To La Union, Philippines: Bus Routes and Other Transportation Options

La Union is one of the best surf spots in the Philippines and is only a 4-5 hour bus ride away. There are many different travel routes and options to take to get to La Union, so I’ve gathered them all up for you here so you can decide the best way.

If I’ve missed any, please let me know in the comments below so I can add it.

Bus Routes To La Union

There are a few different bus liners which you can take going to La Union but below are the most recommended:

  • Partas: Either in Cubao or Pasay Terminals
  • Dominion: Cubao/Edsa Terminal
  • Viron: Cubao/Edsa Terminal

No matter which of the above 3 bus liners you choose you can either take the bus going Vigan (P450 or $9 USD) and get off in Urbiztondo or take the bus going to San Fernando(P400 or $8 USD) and take a tricycle to Urbiztondo.

The closest city to La Union is San Fernando which can be confusing as there are multiple cities with the name San Fernando in the Philippines. Ensure you head to San Fernando in the Illocos region.

While it’s important to check the schedules, there are often buses going there every 1-2 hours. Many of these bus liners have exclusive first class buses too which have large seats that lay back and a bathroom.

Here are 3 additional less well known bus liners as well that you can check if the above are not available: Genesis, Farinas Transit, and RCJ Transit.

Driving Route to La Union

If you have your own car, you’ll be happy to know that the route going there is very easy and typically isn’t overloaded with cars since you’ll be on NLEX most of the way there

Here are the directions to La Union:

  • Get on NLEx in Balintawak, Quezon City from Ortigas Ave and Epifanio de los Santos Ave/Pan-Philippine Hwy.
  • Follow NLEx and N Luzon W Expy to Laoac.
  • Take MacArthur Hwy/Manila N Rd to San Fernando By-Pass Rd in San Fernando.

Below is the route going there on Google Maps:

Where is the Beach in La Union?

While everyone calls it La Union, it can often be difficult when searching on Google for where the actual beach area is. The whole coastline is beach and there are hundreds of hotels.

The best place to stay is just near the San Juan Beach which I linked in a map below so you can easily see where it is:

La Union Travel Guide

If you want more information on La Union, read my full guide here.

La Union Philippines

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