Best Hotels in San Juan, La Union, Philippines

La Union is one of those unique nomad backpacker paradise because it’s full of hostels, hammocks, and budget accommodations. Each time I go to La Union I end up staying in a different place because each hotel fills up quite quickly.

When scheduling your trip to La Union, make sure to get your accommodation booked well in advance. La Union does not follow the standard holiday schedules as it typically depends on surf-season. Even on non-holidays it can become full weeks in advance and you’ll end up having to stay in San Fernando (nearest city about 20 mins away by tricycle).

So plan ahead and learn from our experiences on which of the below are the best ones in La Union.

Best Hotels in San Juan, La Union

Here are my personal favorite places to stay in San Juan, La Union – Philippines. I’ve included both hotels and hostels depending on your preference.

Costa Villa Beach Resort:

Costa Villa is not directly on the beach, but it’s just a short 2 minute walk to the water making it still prime location. Most of their rooms have 2 queen size beds and all are air conditioned. I’d consider going here if you have a small group and are looking for an affordable accommodation that includes breakfast.

Price: Around P1600 ($30 USD) a night.
Click here to check pricing.

Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel:

One of everyone’s favorite go-to spots in La Union is Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel. Being a hostel you typically rend a bed and share a room and bathroom with others while storing your valuables in lockers. They also have a few private rooms available too.

The best part about Flotsam and Jetsam is their night activities which includes music, drinking, and plenty of food vendors. All the hanging lights, hammocks, and bean-bag chairs making it a great party place!

Price: Around P700 ($14 USD) per bed-space and P3000 ($60 USD) for a private room per night.
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The Circle Hostel:

No matter which Circle Hostel you visit you can expect plenty of hammocks and bunk beds covered in a thatch roof. Each time you visit, you’ll always end up making new friends here in their open space atmosphere. I typically always sleep in a hammock when i stay here.

They offer lockers for your bag and other valuables to keep your things safe. Located on the main road about a 2 minute walk to the beach.

Price: Around P900 ($18 USD) a night.
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The Little Surfmaid Resort: 

The Little Surfmaid Resort is the closest to beachfront accommodation that you can stay since the beach is literally a few meters away. Their rooms are simple but they do the trick. At night they lay out tables and beanbag chairs so you can enjoy some drinks, food, and a good beat of the music.

Price: Around P1500 ($15 USD) per night.
Click here to check pricing.

Where to Go?

While everyone calls it La Union, it can often be difficult when searching on Google for where the actual beach area is. The whole coastline is beach and there are hundreds of hotels.

The best place to stay is just near the San Juan Beach which I linked in a map below so you can easily see where it is:

La Union Travel Guide

If you want more information on La Union, read my full guide here.

La Union Philippines

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