Best WordPress Theme/Plugin Sites

Whether you have started a blog already on WordPress or you’re just getting started, one of the most important parts of having it is ensuring it looks amazing!

Most bloggers aren’t programs as well so we typically need to rely on others to make them look great. This is why Theme/Plugin sites were created! With so many of them out there, I wanted to give you my own personal review on each and a bit of information so you can make an educated decision prior to signing up with them.

Here’s a comprehensive list of each starting with my personal favorite, “Elegant Themes”.

Elegant Themes

If you want some of the best themes on the market, then Elegant Themes is a perfect choice. They have almost 90 WordPress themes available and some incredible plugins to add to your site!

Whats the Plan?

  • One time Purchase of $87 USD for 1 year of use, or lifetime use for $249 USD
  • Unlimited use of all all 87 Themes for multiple sites
  • Free plugins including a Drag and Drop builder which makes it extremely easy to build and design your website.

Affiliates get  50% of the commission from advertising whit Elegant Themes

WordPress.org Themes

If you’re looking for free themes, you have almost 5,000 themes available on WordPress.org which can be used on any of your sites free of charge. The great thing about WordPress.org themes is they all pass the strict guidelines that WordPress has in place which means they are safe to use without risk of faults.

The downside is that they typically lack alot of customization and

Affiliates get 20% of all the revenues that your referrals generate with unlimited referrals and earnings.

Thrive Themes

  • Review Coming


  • Review Coming


  • Review Coming

MOJO Marketplace

  • Review Coming

If there’s any that I missed which you feel are worthwhile to explore, comment below and i’ll get them added.

Have fun and keep exploring new ways to make your WordPress site amazing!


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