Affordable hotels and location to stay in Bangkok, Thailand

So there you are planning your trip to Bangkok and you jump right into Agoda or Airbnb to check for the best deals in the right location. Let me save you a little time by telling you about my experience staying in Bangkok.

When I first went to Bangkok I knew I wanted to see the temples and all the rich history of Bangkok so I found “The Grand Palace” on the map and looked at the nearby hotels on Agoda. I dont need the ritziest hotel or anything, just a good bed in a clean space.

Our First Choice: A Standard Hotel

I found the Royal Hotel to stay at first which looked nice in the pictures and was close to the cultural sites. When we arrived I was nervous because the building looked quite ancient, but inside it was very well maintained. In it’s earlier days this must have been one of the fancier hotels around. Here’s of the outside of the hotel and the room:

If you want a standard hotel with a free breakfast buffet (yay!), then hit this one up. The breakfast was good and was exactly what we needed before beginning the walk through the temples.

Second Choice: A Hippy Paradise 

After the first few nights we decided we wanted to try something new and we found this side street called Soi Ram Butri which was very similar to Kao San Rd, but it wasn’t so noisy and busy. There were plenty of small hotels and hostels to choose from all with reasonable prices (between $15-25 USD per night).

We scouted out a few places and found this place called BB House(Best Bed) and it turned out to be extremely charming and nice. The rooms were a little small, but it had all of the essentials:

  • Television
  • Air Conditioner
  • Soft and comfy pillows!
  • Fast wifi
  • Private bathroom had a walk in shower (my favorite kind)

I suggest to get a terrace room. It’s only cost us $1 more and you get a room on the terrace with a beautiful view of the whole city skyline. I spent $16 a night booking on Agoda.

The staff here were always available for anything we needed and spoke English well. For breakfast, there is a small cafe at the entrance of the hotel which had the most amazing wall designs and had really great food. The girl who worked there (I think she was the owner) was really friendly and all of her food was so fresh!

Maker:0x4c,Date:2017-11-12,Ver:4,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar01,E-veThis place definitely had that hippy feel with hand painted verbiage all over the walls about leaving your ego at the door, stop war sentiments, etc. This place was definitely my style for a chill environment with good vibes.

I always booked everything through Agoda since it’s usually always cheaper than what you’ll get at the hotel front desk. I often stand in their hotel lobby and book it and then show them the confirmation after. This way I also gain points in Agoda for cash back. Best to use some hotel booking tool so you get the discounts and perks 🙂

If you’re interested in booking at BB House, you can check the availability here:

Budget Hotel Choices Under $25 USD Per Night In Bangkok

Here are a few other hotels we stumbled upon in the Soi Ram Butri area which had nice rooms at a under $25 USD just nearby the Temples:

Whats in the area:

Soi Ram Butri street is a chill and enjoyable place to hangout. During the day it’s quiet and peaceful as the tourists are all out exploring the city, but at night it comes alive until 2am. Here’s some photos of the street:

A few meters away from BB House is a nice line of comfy chairs where you can get a 30 minute foot massage for just 100 Thai Bat (Thats just $3USD!!!) We did this every night… 🙂
Nearby BB House there is a van which was converted into a bar. The drinks were cheap and strong 🙂
The food on Soi Ram Butri is also really good. If you stop at any of the street restaurants you can get a full meal (example above chicken curry with rice) for just $2.50 USD.
Night life on Soi Ram Butri is bright and colorful with lots of foreign visitors having drinks and laughing all night.

Hope this helped you in your trip planning to Bangkok. You can check out these additional blogs on Thailand I wrote to help you decide what to eat and how to explore the temples:

Enjoy your time at the Temples, going out to parties, and chilling in the Soi Ram Butri area.

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